Something is stirring in Karlín. No, it's not another hundred-year flood come to wipe out the material assets of Prague 8 residents. It's THE JOINT, the latest addition to Prague's rock and roll scene, making some healthy noise as they bang away in their basement studio in the district. Composed of three veteran American musicians, The Joint plays high-energy, good quality, fun hard rock. The band will debut this August with appearances in three of the nation's most well-known outdoor music festivals.
The Joint is sure to be a popular hit at the festivals, and will be playing in Prague and throughout the Republic in subsequent months. Meanwhile, it is preparing its set, busily writing songs and recording a demo in its fully-equipped studio space.

The band is not your average Prague rock and roll outfit, with its an interesting history and fresh, unusual repertoire.

You can see the Joint at following events  

We are playing in Rostock, Germany on Friday the 13th in Febuary. + special Guests.

Past events - Joshua Tree, Slovanský dům
Na Příkopě 30.10.2003
The Hamilton Ranch 15.8.2003 in Hamiltony by Vyškov, Musicfest Přeštěnice 2003 8.-9.8.2003 Přeštěnice u Milevska, Boodstock 22.-23.8.2003 Boudy u Čimelic.




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